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Growing in Pre K



Make an ocean in a bottle using one drop of blue food coloring, a little sand (and a funnel), some tiny sea shells, and some beads that look like sea animals.   

Experiment with whether items will float or sink.

Make a crayon resist ocean.

This is where I found the Hermit crab printable:

Printable: Ocean word wall words

Sea World offers this free printable:

Play bingo with Sea Shells as markers. I printed these cards from the Mailbox Companion Kindergarten)June/July 2011:

Science Center:

Above right: I have a dry sea sponge and one in water, so students can touch both and compare them.

Lots of Shells for students to explore

Wave discovery bottle and a tray full off plastic sea animals to handle

I hide a paper beach ball behind one of these sight word crabs. Students take turns naming a sight word. I pull out the sight word they name and we see if the ball is behind it.

I found this song on a website years ago. If you know who I should credit, please let me know. The kids really enjoy it when we read A House for Hermit Crab

I love this Lakeshore number puzzle set:

The kids really enjoy these stencils from Oriental Trading:


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Growing in Pre-K
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