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Growing in Pre K


Bookstore Woes

Posted by Eilis on September 5, 2011 at 1:20 AM

I am going to apologize right now.  This blog is just a vent.  I miss book stores.  Yes, I have a Barnes and Noble in my city.  But, as big and beautiful as it is, I am tired of the answer, "No we don't have it in stock, would you like me to order it for you?"  I know it is not just me.  I hear them say this to the customer before me and the customer after me.  I don't think the children's books that I have requested are that obscure either (Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni, The Shape of Things, In the Tall, Tall Grass, to name a few). Each time this occurs, I think of Meg Ryan's adorable little book store in You've Got Mail.  If her store was still open, she would have the books I want.  I just know it.  This is all Tom Hanks fault.  (Funny, even his big box book stores have been almost completely replaced by Amazon and Kindle).  Don't get me wrong.  I love Amazon and Kindle.  It's just that you can't read a kindle to four year olds during circle time.  And sometimes looking at a few pages of a picture book online just doesn't give you enough information to know if it is what you want.  Also, I do tend to plan close to the last minute.  That means enough time for a quick trip to the library or bookstore, but not enough time for shipping.  Anyway, I sure hope Barnes and Noble can stay open now that it is the only option left for my purposes.  I still see "real" bookstores in small towns.  I REALLY hope they can keep their doors open.  I purposely stop in and shop in them whenever possible.

So, Barnes and Noble, please do what you can to expand the inventory in your stores.  I can get the best sellers at Target or the grocery store.  Forget selling Legos and other toys.  Leave that to Toys R Us. Please check that all your children's departments have all the wonderful books that kids need to hear.

Thank you for reading this.  I feel much better now.


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