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Growing in Pre K


Gingerbread Exchange Lists Have Gone Out

Posted by Eilis on November 15, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Over 150 classes are participating in this year's Gingerbread Exchange!  If you signed up, but haven't received an email with the list of addresses....please check your spam and then contact me at [email protected] 

One teacher from a previous exchange said that her class enjoyed using the Leap Frog Tag Reader U.S. map along with this activity.  ( I can't find her name.  If it was you please take credit!). Since I already have two Tag Readers, I decided to get the map for my class.

Sorry - I cannot accept any more classes for this year's Gingerbread Exchange....but I will probably do the Valentine's Exchange again in February.

Now I am off to whip up some green bean casserole for my school's Thanksgiving tonight...


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