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Growing in Pre K


Cowboy Themed Printables

Posted by Eilis on October 7, 2012 at 9:45 AM

I have added a 69 page printable file to my Teachers Notebook Shop.  It includes loads of cowboy, ranch, or rodeo themed books, songs, games, puzzles, and more to use in your classroom.  

In the Cattle Roping Dice Game, students roll the die and decide whether to move forwards or backwards.  The goal is to land on spaces with cows on them, and fill the ten frames.  The playing pieces are cute cowboys and cowgirls which you cut out, fold, and tape or glue.  You will need your own die.

The entire file is $2.50.






And here is a FREE patterning printable.  Just click on it to go to my Teachers Notebook Shop and download it.


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