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Growing in Pre K


Thanksgiving Printables

Posted by Eilis on November 2, 2012 at 9:25 PM

The Gingerbread Exchange is off to a great start!  In one day, we already have over fifty classes participating.  I love hearing from so many of you who read this blog, but are usually very quiet.  I am so excited about how many of you are looking forward to the exchange because your students and families enjoyed it last year.

I just purchased some adorable Thanksgiving clipart from Creative Clips (the same artist who did the cute monster under the bed graphics).  I created a printable little book to share with my own class.  It does include the words God and church, because I teach in a Christian school.  It is available FREE at my Teachers Notebook Shop.  I am trying to decide whether to add some religious printables for the upcoming Christmas season, so if you want more of these types of printables....please comment here to let me know.


This little book is part of a bigger Thanksgiving Printable which is also available at my Teachers Notebook Shop for $1.50.  Here's a peek:




Also included, is a printable where students count the correct number of turkey feathers to match the number on the turkey.  I have included printable feathers, but it will be much more fun if you add your own feathers.




Posted by Eilis on November 19, 2011 at 9:15 AM

The Indian Corn is really growing!  I have taken it home over the Thanksgiving break because the water gets cloudy.  I have been changing the water every couple of days.

I picked up this "blender" at Target for our "making butter" project.  It has a little metal sphere inside.  The cream turned into butter VERY quickly.  Each student took one quick turn to shake it while everyone else worked on their pasta necklaces.  Then we enjoyed our fresh butter on bread.

Lots of fine motor work and patterning practice with colored pasta necklaces:

Here are some pictures from the Thanksgiving book we made.  I found this idea at

It was a big project spread out over many days...but I LOVED the results.  The kids were eager to find out which page we were doing each day and became very familiar with Pilgrims, Native Americans, the Mayflower, etc.  




I bound the finished books with three one-inch binder rings.

And last but not least... here is my favorite Thanksgiving read aloud:          

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall GrowinginPreK update

Posted by Eilis on November 11, 2011 at 7:40 PM

Our pumpkin is thriving:  

It was starting to mold, so we have planted it outside the classroom window as last year.  Fingers crossed...

Here's our new fun science project:

We found this idea here:

I tried several local grocery stores for Indian Corn without luck.  Finally, I tried a garden center near me.  They had them! They were 1.99 each and already dry.  I figured that we plant dry seeds, so why not dry corn?  On Monday, we put the cob in a plastic shoe box with about an inch of water.  I am happy to report that five days later, we have six roots growing on the bottom!  We are looking forward to see what happens next.