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Growing in Pre K


Who Loves Pizza?

Posted by Eilis on September 22, 2012 at 9:55 AM

I do!

Here's a new FREE printable that you can download at my Teachers Notebook Shop.  It is a bingo game to practice recognizing the numbers 1-15.  If you happen to have a 1/2 inch circle paper punch, it will be perfect for cutting out the "pepperoni" pieces. You could also just use the 1/2 inch punch on red construction paper.

Click on any of the pictures.  If you download this game, please make my shop one of your favorites.


I also added an alphabet version of this game.  There are several different sets of calling cards to use depending on the skill you want to practice.  There are uppercase, lowercase, and then color and black and white beginning sounds cards.

The set also includes a whole pizza/half pizza sorting activity (for a pocket chart or big math journal) and a printable book that counts the toppings on a pizza.  My students love it when I put these pages in page protectors in a binder and leave them in the book center.  The printable is two dollars and Teachers Notebook now accepts credit cards in addition to Paypal.





If you haven't seen some of my old posts on pizza, you can find them HERE and HERE.


Pizza Math Journal

Posted by Eilis on October 1, 2011 at 5:45 PM

I have had some requests for Big Math Journal ideas.  Here is my new favorite:

I just Googled photos of pizzas, cut them out, and cut some of them in half.